Boyfriend material | Warm coating

Photos via Tumblr

Fall is just around the corner, so just like women, men will have to start
looking for a suitable fall coat too. That’s why
I wanted to hand out some guidelines for those who are lucky enough to read this.
Keyword for fall coats would have to be: WOOL. And if not wool, leather!
Cause I don’t want to see any plastic coats on guys this season.
And let me just bring it to you quickly, that I do not understand
the obsessions with Moncler, Woolrich or Nickelson. Buying a brand does
not mean that you are buying style. And the higher the
price, doesn’t mean the better the look.
When it comes to prints, go ahead! Tartan is great, and any other
geometrical print is a plus! Colours should be sober. Think of
dark grey, blue, brown or black. The real deal however would be a camel coat!

DO: wear coats that fit like blazers: tailored and reaching half your ass.
DON’T: let your girlfriend inspire you. Feminine touches in a coat are not
really necessary if you’d ask me. Trenchcoats only work if the
rest of the outfit is perfect and fur collars mostly make guys look pathetic.
I always feel like the fur collars give boys misplaced confidence.
And please leave fur coats up to us!

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