Boyfriend material | So sporty

= Photos via Tumblr.

First things first: NO. With the sports trend I do not mean wearing
sport socks and random trainers.
What I do mean is that some aspects of typical sports are to be
seen in fashionable clothing. Think of baseball tops and sporty caps.
Black, white and blue are often seen colours in this trend
and I think this makes it somewhat more easy and safe for you.
Actually, there isn’t much to say about this trend, for I think that most
men will pull this off absolutely great.
Just remember you don’t have to run, jump and brag; a sporty outfit may be enough
to have your testosterone running around our pheromones.
Am I right ladies?

DO: combine sporty items to chiquer items like blazers and brogues, to create
a unique and sophisticated look.
DO: stick to black and white if you think that anything colorful is out of
your comfort zone; it’s ok to hold back within this trend.
DON’T: show up in joggings on dates, or basically anywhere but the gym. That’s not what
this trend means. Jeans or decent pants are still 10 times better! You don’t
want to look like trailer trash, do you?

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