Better beginnings

Wearing: Ashanti Brazil playsuit (find here), Frontrow Shop coat, Primark heels, Mostwanted bag

Just be honest with me. Have you ever seen me shooting in such a beautiful
place, other than the shoots I’ve been doing abroad?
My Gosh. I love Amsterdam, can I say that without being cocky?
Normally, I shoot my outfits somewhere near my home (also Amsterdam, but
just a little less urban), cause it’s easier. But, easy doesn’t always do it.
Yesterday, I went to the city and my dear friend and
photographer showed me this lovely place. I fell in love right
away and just wanted to stand there for hours, shooting or not shooting.
I think this should be my standard for the next few
years, cause I think it really lifts my pictures to a higher level.
And since I will re-decorate my whole blog in the near future,
why not re-decorate my photos and style?
Coming back from a place like Thailand, really gives me new
energy, and the enthusiasm to make something out of life – my blog – truly
appreciating and utilizing the beautiful things I have surrounding me.
Now, about what I am wearing: Isn’t this the cutest playsuit?!
I love the color, matching my sun kissed skin tone. Even better is the
way these ruffles at the bottom follow the feminine shape
of my legs. Oh, and I may have lost some weight, but a little cleavage
never hurt nobody. What do you think?


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