Hi guys! Imagine me screaming, cause I am so so so excited. Today I am officially launching my new blog. Ta-daaaa! I have been working on it for a few months now and I am so happy to finally announce that it is done, finished. Ready for your opinion!






A few days ago my phone crashed, which is why I had to reset it and lost a lot of my pictures and data. This happend at the same day that my blog went down, and somehow it felt like life was telling me “Girl, shit happens, but you can always start again.” And I realized that loosing some data didn’t mean that I lost my memories, or my friends or anything. It simply meant that I was offered a blank page, unwritten. Up to me how to fill it in, for example am I to make 18926 selfies again and have my phone crash again or  will I take it a bit more easy from now on? The same for my blog: I now have a new layout that motivates me to get so much more out of my blog. Again, I am super excited.

I always love new adventures, meeting new people, trying out new things. I’ve had my old layout for 2 years or so, and I just couldn’t look at it any longer. Some things simply need some refreshment every now and then!

But something else is also new in this post: I am wearing sneakers. YES. That shit happend too! I just felt like I needed a pair of nikes and these caught my eyes, while strolling through the Van Tilburg website. I felt like a different person walking in these. Normally I only wear boots, or moccasins and suddenly I had these sneakers on. It felt like walking on Air. I totally get the Nike Air Max kinda vibe, although these are Roshe Run sneakers. Does this, by the way, mean that I have to start running? Cause maybe I might…

For now, I would like you to ask what you think of my new blog. Please check out everything. Click on all buttons, check out the video in my “about” section, scroll through my categories, shop in my boutique and just feeeeel the sensation! Haha…

Wearing: New Yorker coat* / Asos jeans / Nike sneakers* / New Yorker scarf* / Primark beanie
All items with * were gifted to me
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