For those of you who visit my blog regularly it may not come as a surprise that after I’ve only been back from China and Japan for one week I am already on the look out for a new destination. And for those who’ve ever been there, it may not come as a surprise that my mind is set on Greece. I’ll tell you why…

First of all, let me just say that I am very happy to live in The Netherlands, since this is a lovely European country from which traveling to other beautiful European countries is easy and not even that expensive. So when I was looking for the next destination for my blog, I decided that it should be a beautiful country not to far from here. A place that has it all, from history to white beaches and from culinary hotspots to wellness. No wonder that I chose Greece. But Greece has so many lovely places, from the Cyclades to the Dodecanese and the Argosarconic Islands. I only have so many days. Where to go? These will have to be my favorite places and I hope I can tell you more about it once I’ve been there:


1. Santorini (Cyclades Islands)
A lot more touristic, but oh so wonderful: Santorini, better known as Thera in Greek. You may know it from the white houses and the cobbled streets. I don’t think I need to say more about this place. I would go there for ancient Thiera, the Faros lighthouse, the caldera, Akrotiri and beautiful sunsets. Go google the ones you don’t know yet, or wait until I’ve been there and bare with me: this is going to drop your jaw!


2. Zakynthos (Ionian Islands)
A business partner of mine told me about this wonderful place and after looking it up, my heart was stolen: green nature, bright blue sea, steep rock formations, authentic small old towns, sea turtles and the famous ship wreck at Navagio Beach. Knowing that Zakynthos is one of the islands that is not full of tourism yet, I think this would have to be my favorite spot. I cannot wait to explore it and find hidden treasures and hotspots to share with you guys.


3. Lefkada (Ionian Islands)
Lefkada is located along the westcoast of Greece and is the most mountainous of the Ionic Islands with the Elati is the highest point. Porto Katsiki is the most famous beach here and one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece (how I’d love to lay there for a bit). But Lefkada has more than beautiful beaches. Think of waterfalls and day trips to other small islands with caves and picturesque backdrops.

Other places I’d definitely consider are Mykonos, Ithaca, Naxos and Nysiros. On you will be able to find more information about these places soon. Have you ever been to Greece? What’s your favorite destination?



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