What’s better than a saturday night out with your girls? Exactly, I can barely think of anything else. So I was pretty thrilled when CoolCat invited me over for a late night shopping spree which was followed by a limo ride and a night out in town during Amsterdam Dance Event, better known as Amsterdam Music Festival (in Arena). I had a blast, and so can you cause I have exciting giveaway news…











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Last night was magical! I was invited by CoolCat to come over to their shop at the Nieuwendijk, which is the largest CoolCat store in the centre of Amsterdam. Over a year ago we celebrated the launch of my design for CoolCat in that same store and it’s such a wonderful idea to now be celebrating something totally different: ADE, Amsterdam Dance Event, also known as Amsterdam Music Festival which is a period of 5 days on which Amsterdam is bubblier than ever. There are all kinds of special parties everywhere and almost every young one is going out at least one of the days.

It’s such a shame that I had never been to ADE before, but the more happy I was that CoolCat invited me over. I brought three friends with me and we had such a great time. First, we were in store: having drinks and sushi all the while fitting from the Exclusive Collection which recently launched at CoolCat.

I knew right away which items I wanted. I fell in love with the top first and then found this skirt of which the texture is simply amazing. I think that the midi is perfect for this season and with the heavy fabric it just seems like the perfect piece to combine with either chiffon or leather.

My friends were also happily flaunting around in their looks: leather pants, leather dress, cool jackets. As you can see from the pictures me and my sis came to an understanding where it comes to black sophisticated ensembles. With just a pair of heels we were all ready to party… And being picked up in a white limo made it all complete. Me and my friends really danced the night away. Confident in our party proof looks and feeling lucky for having such a blast.

So I am happy to share the exciting news with you that in association with CoolCat I am hosting a giveaway on instagram: I will be giving a way an exclusive shopping night for you and your friend (VIP shopping after closing hours, to the value of 250EUR). All you have to do is follow @coolcat_official and comment “done” under my photo… If finding a party look was always that easy…?!



More about this party collection on
Photos by Joëlle G. Kahn, Mireille Bruin, Denise Bond, Sanne Stoker & me

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