For New Year’s Eve me and the boy went to Oslo, Norway. He has lived there for over three years, speaks the language and has a lot of friends there whom of course I wanted to meet. We were there for 4 nights and 2 of those we stayed at the Frogner house apartments. When I told my boyfriend’s friends that we were going to stay over there, they were all excited for us and said “Oh wow, that’s a good place!” Well, let me tell you all about why it was so much fun…

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First of all, let me start of by saying that Oslo is a lovely city. You can tell that Norway is wealthy. They have a good infrastructure and – shocking! – Oslo has underfloor heating throughout the city. This is to avoid snow drifts, but I mean, how cool!? The city furthermore kinda reminded me of Amsterdam, but more spacey and with beautiful backdrops to shoot blog outfits. Too bad it was so cold that I did not feel like making any pictures outside. Inside however, we did make some pics. And OMG what do you think of the expandable kitchen? Let me tell you more about my findings…


Location: 9
We stayed at the Frogner House Apartments at Bygdøy Allé 53. This is located in a beautiful posh area which is only 10 minutes away from the city centre. Like I said before, the infrastructure is very good and so is the timetable from the bus because we were able to get home by bus in the middle of the night which is a definite plus cause taxis are amazingly expensive in Oslo.
Room: 8,5
As the name implies, we did not stay in a room but more like in an apartment. Imagine this as a studio with a large bed, a cute couch, a dresser, a dining table and last but not least a wonderful expandable kitchen. Besides that we had a bathroom (also with underfloor heating – yeah!). The room was decorated in an authentic, colorful but classy way. Although the design of the bathroom could not compare to that, we had everything we could ask for.
Ambiance: 8
Stepping in to the Frogner House Apartments you will first go by the restaurant and lounge (which now seemed to be under construction) and then via the reception upstairs. It’s a cute place, both the public areas as the apartment itself.
Food & drinks: 8
Since Frogner House is not a hotel, but an apartment you have your own kitchen and will be able to bring your own food: cook, bake and make pancakes if you want. But it’s also possible to order breakfast for 140NOK which is about 15EUR and a good price in Norway! It’s kinda funny, because they will leave it at your door and knock two times so they don’t wake you but will notice if you are already awake. It’s nice to wake up, walk 3 seconds and have food delivered at your door. I was instantly ready for the day. Nice concept, huh?
Service: 8,5
This 8,5 is applicable not only to the hotel but to every place in Norway. Their English is outstandingly good and the receptionists for instance were sincerely kind and helpful. I also loved the fact that I was digitally asked to fill in a survey afterwards and I also love the personal approach of this accommodation.
Facilities: 7
Since this is an apartment, you cannot expect there to be a swimming pool, a spa or that sort of things. But may I remind you of the expandable kitchen? Yup. Nothing more to ask for!
Recommendation rate: 8,5
I would definitely recommend staying at Frogner House Apartments in Bygdøy Allé and personally, I am very curious about the other locations as well. The service is so good, the area is nice, and the apartment makes you feel at home.

Would you stay here as well?



Frogner House Apartments
Bygdøy Allé 53
Oslo, 0265

More information can be found here
Photos by Reinder

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