VIDEO: Copenhagen travel report


How to spend 36 hours in Copenhagen? Wendy, Farah and I got to experience that when we went to Copenhagen for Vero Moda. To capture our adventures, I made a video.

It was an early wake up call to catch our flights in the morning, but it was totally worth the chaos; we wanted to enjoy our time in Copenhagen to the fullest. So after a quick revival moment with big mugs of hot chocolate and coffee, we went to Nyhavn, a 17th century waterfront. Here you can see the famous colorful houses that may have reminded me of Curacao if the weather would’ve been better.

We also visited the HAY store, which is known for it’s contemporary furniture and design products and of course we went to the Vero Moda store, where we fanatically posed in the window like we were actual human mannequin dolls (so much fun!).

Then, we had diner at a cute little place called Luna’s and later that night, after Farah had done her beauty sleep, we went to a cocktailbar called Lidkoeb. Needless to say we had loads of fun!

The day after we also went to Nyhavn to take some outfit photos and after some shopping, we had to leave already. It was a short trip, but we all had a lovely time

Check out our video to get a better impression of our days and don’t forget to check out Wendy’s and Farah’s blog for more. There’s also more to see on our instagram accounts (@wendyvsoest, @formulafarah, @larissabruin, @veromodaglobal and under the hashtag #veromodaincphnl)

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