Well well well… when you think you’ve seen all kinds of Asia once you’ve been to China, Japan, Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia, Israel and Dubai… From poor & full of nature to futuristic, rich and innovative. Singapore is yet another story! And to me… it was a very refreshing one. I was happy to make a quick stop here for 4 days and see the environment, while staying at a luxurious and lovely hotel. Let me tell you all about my experience in Hotel Indigo Katong…

First of all I have to say that Singapore to me felt very comfortable as I came from Nepal where tradition, the cold (January) and a small culture shock here and there had influenced my journey. I love how Singapore is such a modern country and has a vibe of its own although it’s only small compared to all other Asian countries. People were welcoming, there was a lot of diversity, and although it’s more expensive than many other places on this continent, it was worth it as I really felt safe, comfortable and at ease. I think that my hotel stay very much compliments my thoughts of Singapore as a whole. I stayed at Hotel Indigo Katong for two delicious nights so let’s get into this in more detail…



Location: 7,5
Katong is a super cute neighborhood in Singapore. It’s a bit more outside the city center, but there are loads of lovely restaurants in the neighborhood and one place I really loved visiting were the “Peranakan houses” nearby. Such an instagram hotspot! Also it gives off an idea of a more historical and authentic Singapore from back in the days.

Room: 8,5
My room was perfect and so beautifully decorated! I was welcomed with fresh fruits and a typical Singaporean board game. I love how at Indigo Katong they had not held back from adorning the room in colorful prints and wall art that had meaning and at the same time added to the overall stylish appearance. Oh and those tiles in the bathroom area, I need them in my life! Same goes for that basin full of products to have the perfect foot bath that was in the room. I could also go on and on about the perfect shower, the cute door to my toilet en the amazing mirror but I think you get the point: this place is adorable!

Ambiance: 8,5
One may expect a big hotel like this to be a tad bit business-y and “cold” but NO. It really has a lot of character and I felt right at home. My room had a very happy vibe which may be due to the color. And the rest of the hotel felt luxurious and relaxed, perfect.

Food & drinks: 9
For breakfast guests are referred to the buffet of the restaurant that is linked to the hotel. I think that never in none of my Asian trips I have ever had such delicious breakfast as here in Hotel Indigo. To me, breakfast is very important and I tend to eat a lot when there is a buffet. This one had it all: from delicious fruit, to cakes, to yoghurt, to smoothies, to macarons, to an a la carte menu for a delicious egg of choice (or one of the many other options). Ok, I’ll stop, cause I’m getting hungry here. But yes, I loved it! Also, I had an amazing mini bar that contained the sweetest chocolate bars and drinks. When I think of the food & drinks at Indigo, I feel like they’ve put in just a bit more effort than most other hotels and I appreciate that.

Service: 8,5
Had I already noted that Singaporean people are super polite and friendly? In the hotel of course this was no difference. I also loved how they made my room ready for the night, leaving some fresh fruits at the salon table and how in the morning they had a call service to make sure I would awake on time. It’s also the normal things like having them book a taxi, that was all done very appropriate and friendly.

Facillities: 8,5
The hotel has an impressive swimming pool at the roof top of the hotel. It’s a lovely place to chill and lay back and of course have a swim. I’m always surprised to see that not many people make use of these kinds of facilities but hey, that meant I nearly had the pool are to myself. And ohh, that view! So amazing. Another facility I used was the iMac computer in the lobby. This almost felt like I had my own little office there as it really was a nice place to sit down and handle some business. Great!

Recommendation rate: 8,5
I would definitely recommend booking at Hotel Indigo Katong. Would almost forget to tell you how I slept like a baby as the bed was so so comfortable. There must be so many other reasons that make this hotel to an absolute dream, but I will leave that up to you to discover.



Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong
86 East Coast Road
#01-01 Katong Square Singapore


More information about the hotel can be found here

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