It’s bananas, B A N A N A S. It’s pineapples. P I N E A P P L E S. Doesn’t sound the same, but totally brings me in the same mood: summer! And so does the sun, a swimming pool and my new bikini iii! Yes, really needed those extra i’s to express my joy haha…

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Ok so I have this little confession to make: I am the worst when it comes to making decisions! This has placed me in several awkward positions already, but most of all it always takes a lot of time. When I cannot decide, I sometimes just postpone the decision for a week, to one week later have the same problem. Arghh!

So somewhere in May I decided that I wanted to go on a summer-ish vacation, well, not just one, but 3 or 5. However, I had no idea where I wanted to go to and who to go with. There were enough friends of mine who wanted to go somewhere but somehow plans just did not come to a certainty… So guess what? It’s mid July and I still haven’t booked a thing. SO SAD!

Especially since I wanted my instagram feed to go BOMB with flowers, cocktails and basically anything tropical. So now you must be wondering where I made these delicious shots. Well… luckily the weather in The Netherlands has been good to us with loads of sunshine. And I even found some amazing backdrops to photograph my newest summer essentials to. Bare with me, this looks like 35 degrees in Greece, but it’s actually 23 in The Netherlands haha!

But how I had a great time photographing these shots. Somehow whenever I am wearing a bikini, with sand tickling my toes, I feel free and happy. Then, it doesn’t matter where I am… And ok, this bikini in particular makes me feel good as it has the perfect fit and although it’s not super outstanding, it has a lovely design and perfect colors. And the best part about bikinis? There is no need for accessories! That is… except for the inflatable pineapple of course haha.

Let me know what you think of my new bikini! Oh and have you booked a trip already? Any suggestions?



Wearing: s.Oliver bikini via

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