All of my best friends know that I am a major fan of the kitschy and flashy stuff, especially when it comes to phone cases. It started with my blackberry almost ten years ago. Rhinestones where my thing back then. And now… I’m trying something else…









Nowadays, it seems like it’s only getting worse. From fake Chanel cases to mirrors on the back of my phone. At the moment I vary weekly between my Moschino look mirror case and my Moschino look teddybear. It sounds weird, but… this just really makes me happy! Everytime I look at my phone (and you may understand that this happens about 6.000 times a day) I see my teddybear or my bright pink hand mirror. It makes all I’m working on a lot more fun.

Now, I must say that since I have a Samsung S6, so my phone gets kinda big with all of this finery around it. But it’s also very handy, cause it feels like I am playing on a gameboy instead of a fragile glasswork. And so, it’s also less dangerous when my phone falls, not that a big thing like this would slip out of my hands just like that.

“Mirror, mirror, on my case,
You’re the prettiest in so many ways…”

When I prepared this look, me and Mo thought it would be fun to match the pink oversize dress to the mirror. Now, it has me thinking of candy cotton. I chose to pair all of this with white sneakers and a white back pack, all the more summerish, light & bright.

Let me know what you think of this look!



Wearing: Liquor ‘N Poker dress* / Sacha sneakers* / Zara bag / Moonarshop mirror case* / New Yorker sunglasses*
All items with * were gifted to me
Photos by Mohamed (

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