Layering with a maxi cardigan


It’s that time of the year at which you just want to go outside with your blanket wrapped around you. It was already cold in December, but they said that January would be even worse in Holland. And although the sun is shining, I have to admit that it’s very chilly.

Now, since I don’t want to show you only how to stay warm with just a coat and a big scarf, I wanted to show you this look that I made up of a cardigan and bomber jacket. I know that it may seem a weird combination, but it’s actually just a fun way to add layers and at the same time make sure that you are ready to conquer te cold. So what I did, is I took this very long maxi cardigan and this jersey bomber jacket. I chose these two because they have the same color and I assumed that they would match each other simply because of that. Wearing them together along with some other grey and black items keeps this look clean and sophisticated. I added these sunnies not only to hide from that winter sun, but also as a statement piece. Let me know what you think!

Wearing: Get the label maxi cardigan (find here), New Yorker bomber (more here), GoJane high waist jeans (similar here), Vagabond shoes (find here)


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