Where to go? No where. What to do? The same as yesterday, probably. I guess that after three weeks of quarantine most of us are getting bored now. And that sounds a little insulting, cause with what’s happening in the world at the moment, boredom seems to be our last problem. However, let’s admit that at the beginning of all this, it was ok. Staying at home seemed like a mini break from work and in week 2 we may even have realized that this is the perfect time to work on ourselves. By week 3 however, and knowing that this will take a while longer, we might be done with all this. So how to spice up you life and quarantine wardrobe? I’m giving you the tips!

Dress up or mess up
Getting ready for the day and looking your best is a choice. Always. Even now. It’s often said that feeling good doesn’t only work from the inside out, but also from the outside in. When you look amazing, you’ll feel a lot better. Think of it as the first day wearing a new outfit, don’t you just feel like you’re the shit? So dressing up during these stay at home days may be exactly what you need to feel better. So go for it, take out your sexiest trousers, pretty day dress or even a corset dress and make the most of it. Hmmm… but where to go now that you’re all dressed up, besides the supermarket? Make an appointment for drinks on the houseparty app! Although everyone should stay at their own place, you can still have a blast together.

Chill out or work out
Have you ever heard so many people complaining about the gym being closed? A lot of them probably hardly went there, but all of a sudden it seems to be so important. Hence everyone is doing a home work out and people seem even more determined to share it on social media. Perfect! So what to wear then? Joggers & gym clothes! Depending on whether you’d post them online this could go from oversized with paint stains to tight & sexy. What’s your game play?

Boo’d up or single af (or something in between)
There are many memes out there about being single or having a relationship during quarantine. And either way, it can either kill you or make you stronger. Being single you may experience loneliness or find yourself. Being in a relationship, you may experience loneliness or find each other. And then, there’s another option still: say you just met someone and are dating in times of corona? (score!) So what to do and how to keep things exciting? A walk through the neighborhood and doing groceries seem to be the only activities one can do, but let’s be creative. A picknick at the park, drinks alongside the bridge, playing monopoly on the kitchen floor (yeay, a new location!), baking a cake, a disney marathon, a reading contest, youtube meditations, making up your own yoga sequence. And when it comes to what to wear, promise me you’ll keep it sexy. Whether you go for jeans or a black lace bodysuit is up to you.

In these photos I am wearing some of my new items from Femme Luxe. For me, that’s the number one store to find both laid-back chill tracksuits and fancy & feminine items. So… what is it you’re wearing these days?


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