Although the past week it has been raining cats and dogs, I am happy to see May coming up tomorrow! Time goes by so fast and it’s almost summer. But I kinda like that, cause it gives me a reason to look for summer essentials. For example: the must have sunglasses for this summer… Can you guess what brands I am wearing without looking at the label?

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Fendi and Chloé it issss! Now, I do not believe that just one designer brand gets to decide which trends will be hot or not in one season, cause during my styling study I have learned that trends are only a trend when at least 2 or more designer show that trend, though it may be in a different way…

However, I do believe that for some accessories there are certain must haves per season. Take the Faye and Drew Chloe bag or the Gucci Dionysus bag for example. These are extremely wanted and it’s the model that counts.

Well, this isn’t very different for sunglasses I think. As Ray Ban has been a favorite ever since 2010 (both wayfarer and pilot model), there are some more designer sunnies that are now on the hot list. The Fendi sunnies that I am wearing here are one of them. And Chloé, well, I think that all Chloé sunglasses are doing extremely well at the moment and I loved this one for the color and bold shape.

I found both of these designer sunglasses on Smartbuyglasses and I can only say that I am so so happy with these. When they arrived, I was at first afraid to touch them, but wearing them is better than looking at them (duh!). The Fendi sunnies really go with anything, whilst the Chloé sunnies are so so chique which is why I tried to contrast them with a huge bomber. I think that just like Ray Ban sunglasses, these are totally worth the investment. Cause they may be on trend, but this boldness and quality will last forever.

What are your favorite sunglasses?



Fendi sunglasses
Chloé sunglasses


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