You may already have noticed it: nowadays I am posting more and more videos on my blog. The reason for this is the recent change of my channels. Let me fill you in on all the details.


A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to take my youtube channel to another level. For this to happen, I knew that I had to finally make a choice. I had been posting both English and Dutch videos to my channel and I knew that this had to stop… That’s why I wanted to focus on English videos only, no vlogs anymore.

However, I could not totally stop clogging as I really liked watching back my vlogs myself. Haha, no, I am not my own biggest fan. It’s just that by seeing my own vlogs I get to relive the amazing experiences I have through blogging, whilst otherwise these special moments would fly by in a heartbeat. So, I started a new Dutch channel for all of my vlogs. My first vlog went up last Sunday and the next one is scheduled for this Sunday.

I am super excited about this change, as I seem to have the time for my videos. Instagram is something I am super busy with, but somehow I do not have a lot of new projects as it comes to my blog. So hey, why not focus on vlogs instead?

In short: My fromhatstoheels channel will be totally English from now on, with videos that focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I will be handing out tips, showing lookbooks, shop hauls, favorites etc. My Larissa Bruin channel will be totally Dutch with vlogs, challenges and tags.

I am very much looking forward to building & growing these channels and I hope you guys will follow me along the way. In this video here I am showing you my favorites of November. Let me know what you think. And don’t forget to subscribe!



In this video: Read all about the items in the description box here

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