When you think of what you need everyday, what comes to mind first? Our subconsciousness may be screaming something like “air” or “food”, but to be honest, my first thought was “my phone”. Others may be thinking of their laptop, their car, their beauty products like cbd cream or even their job. Yes, it may be very different for everyone, however, when it comes to accessories there are a few essentials that we might all agree on. In this post we are focusing on 5 of them and giving you 1 reason to purchase them now: black friday. Better yet, black week.

Since a few years black friday has become more and more popular. In the US people have yearly been waiting for the end of November for a long time already. In Europe, however, the idea of black friday has not been so popular until a few years ago. It’s understandable that all types of brands are trying to come up with the best possible discounts and campaigns to make sure that their sales go to extremes. But do we need all those products? We sure want them, cause let’s be honest: when on sale, it feels even better to buy them. But need? That’s a different topic you’d say. Well, not for every product. Cause some products are actually quite essential for every day life. Let’s go through some of those and see where to find the best Black Friday Deals.

1. A classic watch

What time is it? I tend to look at my phone when I wanna know what time it is. However, I think for most people a watch is still essential. A bracelet is nice and so is a necklace or a ring, but a watch is probably the most informative accessory one can have. Besides, in some places they tend to look at someone’s watch to estimate someone’s personality (and income). A watch is more than just a timepiece. It’s an image. It’s a lifestyle.

2. Phone(case) just in case

To people who don’t have a phone case wrapped around their phone: do you like living on the edge? I must not be the only person who let’s their phone fall every now and again. So how do people even wanna risk letting it fall without a phone case? Like I mentioned before, my phone is one of the first things that comes to my mind when I think of my essentials. If I would be left on a deserted island, butt naked but with my phone, I could survive. That is, if I would have reception and the courage to climb a tree or catch a fish for food & shelter. All this to say that I feel like a phone provides us with a lot of what we need in this modern world: entertainment, contact, information, work and yes even food & drinks. If our phone gives us so much, shouldn’t we cherish it? So be careful with your phone and protect it from a fall by using a phonecase. If you’re doing it right, also your phone case might be a way of showing your image and adding some style to your look.

3. Mosturizer

I think that this one might not be for everyone. Especially men may forget to moisturize. Let me know how you think about this in the comments. But do know that moisturizing goes a long way in keeping your skin feel soft, flexible and wrinkle free. Especially with the ozon layer becoming thinner and thinner, I feel like our self care routine should start with moisturizer.

4. Sports equipment

Since the pandemic it has become clear to me how important the gym is for everyone. First of all, they say that working out regularly is good for your body, immune system and vitality in general. Second of all, did you see the many messages of complaints when people were not able to go to the gym anymore? I was happily surprised to see that, as I am myself quite fanatic at the gym as well. When I am talking about sports equipment I do not only mean sportswear and sneakers. I also mean things like protein shakes and healthy foods, superfoods if you will. I know that these can be quite pricey so seeing them in black friday sales makes me do an inner “yay”.

5. Money (thus wallet)

To come around, we will forever need money. Where do we keep our money? In our wallet or purse. So I thought it would be nice to finish this list with a wallet as a reminder of how the importance of money should not be reminded. So yeah, while sending them dollars and euros on black friday sales, remind yourself to get a nice purse if you don’t have one already.

What will you be shopping this black friday? Did I miss on any essentials?

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