2020. I’m not going anywhere, that’s what I used to think. However, I have been traveling a little bit and even when I am not traveling I am always out and about. In Amsterdam I love seeing friends, going out for dinner, going to the movies. And I’ve come to love traveling my own country too. Well, being everywhere and nowhere is fun, but then it’s important to keep things together and organized. That’s why I am happy with my latest leather accessories by Vaultskin. It’s not just convenient, but also nice to look at…

In all honesty, I am the type of person to always forget where I left things. Where’s my phone? My wallet? My passes? Cash? Passport? My keys? Often those things are not where they’re supposed to be. Up until a week ago I was being somewhat careless with the content of my purse as well. Coins would sometimes just be in a pouch of a jacket or loose in my bag. Not a good look, and not the way I wanna present myself.

So I decided to organize things. In fact, I have been organizing loads of things lately. My make up stash, my jewelry boxes, my kitchen cabinets. And wow, I can tell you now that it’s true what they say: a tidy home is a tidy mind. Similarly, I feel like a tidy purse would mean amazing finances. And hopefully soon, a tidy passport situation will mean a good travel situation, haha. But let’s not get too excited.

For now, I am happy that I have been able to score this lovely Vaultskin wallet. It’s made of Italian leather. It’s high-quality and looks super classy. I completely fell for the color combination of the cognac outside and navy blue linings. Besides that, the internal pockets offer RFID-protection. I can totally see how it was designed as a multi-purpose wallet. I have even been keeping my keys in the internal compartment.

The other item you see in these pictures is my passport holder. I chose the Kensington in plain black to make sure that it will match all of my bags (and outfits). This one is fully RFID-protected, so it securely stores everything. Bank passes, boarding passes, my driver’s license. All safe!

It’s really funny how little things like this can make me feel like I have my life together. At least, all of my essentials are safely stored in one place. I can just grab those + my phone and I am good to go. Above all, it’s easy and elegant! So I am super happy to be able to give you guys a discount code: VsFromHatsToHeels10

Let me know if you’ve shopped. What do you think of these items?

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