Since I am visiting both Milan and Paris Fashion Week this season, I had quite some doubtful moments when it came to putting together my outfits. I wanted to save some outfits for Paris, but at the same time I knew that the weather would be better in Milan. AHHH. Stress! I can tell you all about it…

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I might wanna do a blog tips post about this one day, digging a little deeper into the “what to wear to fashion week” questions, but for now let me tell you a little bit about my fashion week stress already…

For both Milan and Paris I needed 5 outfits, 10 in total. This is crazy! Cause every outfit needs a certain umpfff and to me, being the perfectionist blogger that I am, they also needed to be new (nothing worn before). Kinda hard, yes… But although my friend Meau had warned me to start creating outfits weeks before fashion week, I started looking after outfits only a week before we left. OOPS!

My solution to everything was to speed dial one of my favorite brands (Misguided) since I know that they have lovely items that may not be designer stuff but look totally flashy and fashion week worthy. So I ordered some items there which I paired with my coolest shoes and voila. A few outfits (this pink ensemble for instance) were ready. Then I went by some PR agencies and borrowed all the cool stuff I could find to match up with items from my closet which I had never worn before.

Some say that bags are most important during fashion week and I think I have to agree. But being so late, I had to deal with the bags that I already owned and literally packed all my designer bags. Let’s go!



Wearing: Misguided pink velvet dress / Public Desire over knee boots / Stella McCartney sunglasses
Photography by Meau

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