Where to go

Wearing: Asos skirt, River Island top, Vintage fur waistcoat, River Island strappy heels, Ana Mar clutch

As a girl my age, I think it’s normal that I sometimes just want to dress up, put
on a lot of make up and wear heels that are bad for my health. YES. I like being in that
uncomfortable, exhausting position sometimes. Cause honestly, it makes me feel that I live a little.
So… Then the question rises “Where to go tonight?” Today I spoke with two friends, of which
one told me she likes going to urban spots, wearing sneakers, jeans and a simple top (all casual and stuff), while
the other said she prefers to get all dressed up for whatever chique party…
In the end, I think that when in doubt… We should get dressed up, casual chique, for any occasion so
we can just switch party’s whenever we’d want to.

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