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Vintage look

Wearing: Gift skirt, Boyfriend’s t-shirt, Asos heels, Seven45 necklace, Noordermarkt bracelet, H&M/Topshop/Gift rings,
H&M sunnies, Vintage Marc Chantal bag via Ilovevintage

Here we have the best example of a cobbled together mess.
On one of those lazy days at home, I searched my boyfriend’s closet for
an oversized t-shirt that would bring me the ultimate chill vibe.
Then my eyes met this T-shirt. On first sight it was a bit ugly to me, but somehow
it made me look again and think “this could be it”.
After wearing it, at the end of the day, I were in love completely.
My boyfriend said I could have it, so here’s my new t-shirt.
I am still wondering whether I should cut and customize it.
For now, this is ok with me.
I got the skirt from my boyfriend’s mom. She told
me that it used to be hers decades ago and she thought
it could mean something to me now.
Well thought of her! It’s a great catch, isn’t it?

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