VIDEO: Styling my boyfriend

Video & Editing by me and my boyfriend. All items via Only for men (here)

Last friday me and my boyfriend were invited to the Dress my friend Event, organized by
Internet Advantage, in which I was challenged to give my boyfriend a new look with
items from the store, in particular the brands Victim & Dutch Dandies.
I really had a blast (and so did my boyfriend), since for once
it was not all about me, but instead about my boyfriend.
You can understand that he has been watching the packages that I
receive with healthy envy, so now that it was his turn, he was super excited.
The Only for Men store is a one stop shop covering various
jeans and menswear labels from G-Star and Scotch & Soda to Drykorn & State of Art.
After we had been welcomed with drinks, we had a tour through the shop and
started shopping. With traditional Dutch diner being provided, we felt really spoiled!
It was also fun to see that the store is more than just a store. There’s
an inhouse barber shop and a tailor, ready to fix any size issues.
Check out the video for a complete impression of this Mensperience
store and the fun we had shopping and styling.
In the end my boyfriend scored two blouses, one tie, shoes and a blazer. Good day!
I must say it was one of the loveliest videos I had ever
made. Let me know what you think!

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