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In this photo: Topshop corset top, Runwaydreamz shorts, Nastygal bag, Max&Chloe ring, Hot ice shoes via Leballon

Studs and spikes!
This trend has been around for a while, so it was really
just a matter of time before I would dedicate a post to it.
And since I’ve been pretty much bombarded with it, the time is now.
What I love about studs and spikes is that it always gives an item an edgy touch.
It’s rough, cool, tough and everything but boring.
Another lovable thing about studs and spikes is that it brings back
the whole customizing/do it yourself trend.
And although everyone is studding and spiking, you can still
make your own unique studded items.
Picture above shows some studded & spiked items that I find appealing.
Love it or hate it?

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