This month’s love goes out to…

Chanel, Fendi & Dior. Photo via

Pale pink!
Personally, I prefer my pinks to be a tad lighter than on
these photos: pastel. But, pink is totally hot if you ask me!
On these grey, rainy days nothing seems to make me happier
than this cotton candy color.
Away with the thought that we can only wear dark colors
during the winter! Besides pink, some mint green and
lila would lift me up as well.
I especially love this color when it’s applied to soft
fabrics, like wool, knitwear or anything fuzzy.
The advantage of a color like this, is that
you can match it to plain black or white and you’ll still
have a striking look. It would be more daring, but
still amazing to match pale pink to army green or navy blue.
Let me know what you think of this color trend.
What colors are you wearing this season?

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