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Wearing: Just female jeans, H&M corset top, Brother’s blazer, Casio watch, VJ-style bracelet, Deezee shoes

Looking at this blazer, might have you thinking that
it’s just another blazer, from whatever store.
But nothing would be less true!
Surprisingly, this used to be my brother’s blazer.
He only wore it once, when he received his Holy Communion, on his 8th in 1996.
A few years ago I found this blazer neatly hanging in my mom’s closet
and since I was at the time looking for a navy one, I just
tried it on and somehow it fit quite well.
You could imagine that it used to have long sleeves for my brother, while
for me the sleeves only reach my elbows.
My brother passed away two years ago, and this
blazer has been even more important to me ever since.
It now has both a fashionable and emotional meaning to me.
Hot or not, nope or dope.
I will cherish it forever.

Photos show how my brother wore it, and me congratulating him, about 17 years ago.

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