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The birthday outfit

Wearing: Estradeur skirt via Nelly, Primark top, Deezee ankle boots, Noordermarkt bracelet, Pieces artyfarty ring, Club Manhattan wings ring, Vintage bag

Just a week ago it was my birthday.
I turned 23! Yes, I’m heading towards 30 haha.
This is a belated post, but ofcourse I couldn’t skip showing you
my birthday outfit
My opinion about birthday outfits is that it should be exclusive,
colourful, powerful and outstanding.
Too bad I didn’t really match my own criteria, because
unfortunately I were very busy in the week before my Bday,
and so I had to go with something I had in my closet already.
Standing in front of the mirror in this outfit obviously made me
wonder how to make it more of a birthday outfit.
And so I went for a good bra (powerful),
high heels (outstanding), and red lips (to make it slightly more colourfull).
What do you think of it?

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