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Tall. Dark. Handsome.

Wearing: Just female jeans, Vintage blouse & bag, Deezee heels, Asos/Romwe rings

Long before the “all black” trend, I already had
a period in which I wore a lot of black items, and all black outfits.
I guess it was just a way for me to show off
my independence and strength, during a run of changes.
I always experience black as comfortable; you
can hardly go wrong adding a black item to an outfit.
Now, in my new job I must adhere to the dresscode: all black, formal.
This season that’s totally ok with me.
This is such black outfit I would wear to my work (except for the heels).
To compensate for the lack of colour in the clothes, I always
colour my lips in a deep pink-ish red.
At work I am already known for this habit.
There, I am “the girl with the curls and the red lipstick”.
Now that’s what I call image building!

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