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Sweet sweet pink

In this photo: Victoria’s Secret Parfume & Lipgloss, De Osdorper Chanel logo Cupcake

A few days ago I had this lovely rendez-vous with
a good friend of mine, who had just been to Dubai.
And since there is a Victoria’s Secret store at Shiphol Airport, I had
to ask her whether she could bring me something sweet from VS.
I already knew that they do not sell lingerie in the VS store at Shiphol.
(Such a shame!)
But I just needed that feeling of being pampered that comes along with
Victoria’s Secret products.
So I was so happy when she gave me these treats, a sweet
parfume and shiny lipgloss.

Now, today a friend of mine took me to “De Osdorper”, this little
cupcake store at the heart of Amsterdam, where
ofcourse I chose a pink cupcake with a Chanel logo.
It tasted so good!
This will be our standard monday treat.
Just to start off the week sweetly.

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