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Surprise surprise !

Yesterday we celebrated the Dutch holiday Saint Nicholas at work.
This saint can be compared to Santa Claus: a fat old man in a red crazy suit,
who generously gives away presents to children (and adults) who
have been good the whole year…
Well then… Both my bosses were dressed up. One as Saint Nicholas himself
and the other as one of his servants.
They handed out presents to all of us, since we’ve all worked hard!
I was thinking gift vouchers, parfumes, photo frames…
But before I even got to see what was inside the package,
I heard some colleagues screaming “What?! An Ipad? You are kidding me!”
Like… That’s á gift.
I mean, who would say no to an iPad?
Who is that crazy? Who is that spoiled?
Sigh… It just really made my day!
And I bet I will thankfully use it for my blog…

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