Superheroes & spaceships

Wearing: Asos high waist jeans, 2Dayslook top, Vintage jacket (borrowed from Mo), Deezee heels, Diesel beanie

Superheroes & space ships. What’s not to love about it, you’d say. Well, to be
honest… I am not a huge fan of cartoons at all. Disney, yes! Cartoons, nehh…
Maybe cause I’m a girl? Maybe cause I’m lost in reality? What ever. But I do do do love
the superhero tops. These are way cooler than the actual superhero, I think.
Wearing this top doesn’t give me the feeling of being a hero, not needing anyone or anything, but
somehow I forgot to accessorize this outfit. At least, I am not wearing any jewelry at all.
I don’t miss it. Keeping it simple can be liberating sometimes.
What do you think?


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