Silk Innocence

Wearing: 2dayslook knitted top (other nice ones here & here), H&M shorts (old), Asos heels (old), New Look necklace, Rakhi bracelet (buy here)

Here’s an outfit I wore a few weeks ago when the weather was still nice and
the evenings blew a warm summer breeze. The perfect moment to
combine summer knitwear to shorts.
In this outfit you can also see me wearing my bracelet, which
is a Rakhi bracelet from Jozemiek.com. This is just one in a line of
100% silk bracelets. I think it’s such an intimate element in
this outfit, especially knowing the source for these bracelets is an old
tradition of sharing friendship & love through giving each other bracelets like these.
All of the Rakhi bracelets hold a wishful meaning. Mine for example, is
called innocence. (How applicable haha).
Let me know what you think!


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