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A friend of mine called me last weekend, to ask me if I wanted to come with her to this salsa party. Ofcourse, I’ve never been to a real salsa party, so let’s go! Standing on the sideline was fun. All those happy people dancing in front of me, I was surprised by their moves. But the watching part didn’t take long unfortunately.

After I had only been inside the room for 10 minutes, this guy came up to me. “Bachatta?”he asked. Well… “I can’t dance…”I said. His face turned into a big grin. “Me neither, ” he said, assuming that I was just being modest and that in fact together we’d dance the night away.

I’m sure that after two steps he must have changed his mind. Can’t blame him, I also couldn’t wait until the song was finished. With my exotic look, my ruffled dress and my high heels I must have looked like a real salsa girl, but nothing was further form the truth.


Stumbling and not even able to make a gracious turn, I really made a fool out of myself. At the end of the night I isolated myself lying that I had sore feet and didn’t feel well.

Next time, I’ll be prepared (and not only fashion wise)!

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