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Rock it or f*ck it

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I was going to finish April
partying at Queen’s day. On Queen’s day, us Dutch people, celebrate
some queen’s birthday or what so ever.
(Shame on me, I don’t really remember the story behind Qday).
However, nowadays Queen’s day means that Amsterdam is one big festival,
including loud music and bars on every corner of the streets.
I must admit that this is one of the most “important” days of the year for me.
Not only is it a wonderful day to spend (read: party) with loved ones, it’s
also a day on which I think I should pay just a little more
attention to my outfit, since e-ver-y single person will get on the streets, and
you never know who you might meet, right?
So… This year I went for an all black rock-it-or-f*ck-it outfit, complimented
by some black and white sneakers and a lot of gold jewelry.
Instagram photos above may give you an impression of my look.
What you think of it?

Ps. Find me on instagram, my name is: larissabruin

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