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Random and messy

Wearing: WSD dress as skirt and cardigan, Monki top, Deezee ankle boots, H&M headband, Topshop/Bershka necklaces,
Missselfridge/H&M/Gift rings, VJ-Style bag

This is not a daily outfit. And I must say that my boyfriend did not
like this outfit at all. He thought I looked like a woolly
psychic, or worse, a Jehovah witness.
Me, I thought I looked like a busy celeb who had to run to
the store undercover.
I mean, a starbucks coffee cup in my hand and big sunglasses would
have made my outfit complete, wouldn’t it?
However I am not a psychic, nor a celeb.
This is just a random example of one of my messy “I-didnt-have-a-lot
-of-time-this-morning” outfits.
Something else, but still me.
What do you think of it?

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