#ProjectCool | Designing

Photos by Rik

A few weeks ago I told you about this new project I am working on (read previous post here):
designing my own T-shirt for Cool Cat. I am so excited
about all this, it really feels like a dream coming true.
When I heard the news I ran to the book store and bought myself a beautiful
leather sketchbook and a wooden pencil. I mean, I was about to
draw my first design, I felt like doing it in style.
At first, I found it very hard to think of a design; I was too thrilled
by the idea and wanted it to be perfect. In the end, I just
asked myself “What shirt would I love to have, but isn’t being sold
already?” And this made it seem as though another dream was coming true: the
possibility of having something that didn’t exist.
That’s how I came up with a lovely crop top, with a special twist
and a sassy look. Getting an idea of what it looks like?
Next week, me and the other bloggers will have a photoshoot
with our own designs. Soon after, I will reveal my design.
CAN’T WAIT. I really hope you’ll like it.

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