#Project Cool: The Launch of my T-shirt

My T-shirt is being sold here (black) and here (white)

Yesterday was the big the day: The launch of my T-shirt
for Coolcat became a fact!
It was so unreal to see my T-shirt hanging in the
racks between all these other T-shirts. I also loved that
it has this label with my photo on the hanger; so special!
My T-shirt was also to be seen in the window, so I just couldn’t
resist making a photo with these mannequins.
I had a lovely day with friends and family and even some fans I guess, haha.
Hope tees photos give you an impression.
My T-shirt is available in black and white, you can find it
online here (black) and here (white). I really hope you like it and buy it, cause
the T-shirt that’s sold out the first, will be reordered
and that would be such a great honor!
Let me know what you think :-).

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