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Powerful pink

Wearing: Asos jumpsuit and belt, Vintage bracelet, Topshop chain ring, Borrowed arm cuff, Bershka earrings,
Deezee pumps, Anamar enveloppe clutch

Photos by Denise

Last friday I went to a fashion event concerning
the 1 year anniversary of a classmate’s fashion organisation.
It was a beautiful day and I could have easily worn a skirt,
but I wanted something else. And so
I chose my never-before-worn jumpsuit.
Too bad I lost some weight, cause it didn’t have the
perfect fit for me anymore.
At the end of the day the top litteraly slumped down
along my waist.
Lucky me I was in the car by then!
So unfortunately it will not only be the first but also the last time I wore it.
However it did give me the right sophisticated look for at least one night though…

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