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On flats

Wearing: Just female Jeans, Sisley blazer, Louis Vuitton bag, H&M belt & necklace, Romwe ring, Asos sunglasses

Yesterday me and a friend of mine were walking down the street when
suddenly she stopped and shouted: “Larissa! Are you wearing flats?”
I laughed and said “Ofcourse, what did you expect?”
Now, she knows that I do not always wear heels, since (unfortunately)
my name is not Victoria Beckham and I happen to be a normal human being.
But somehow my friend expected me to be wearing sneakers.
I understand why I got her fooled, because I’ve always been clear
about me not ever wearing ballet shoes.
She must have been convinced that I would be surrendered to sneakers.
I do however feel ok about wearing moccasins,
loafers or slipper shoes.

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