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Since I know most fashion lovers also love jewelry, I wanted to
share this lovely present I got, with you guys.
I got this from a friend of mine while celebrating christmas
a few weeks ago.
As always I had this huge wishlist and all of
my friends must have been hoping that they wouldn’t pick my name.
They already know my wishlist doesn’t just
contain: earrings, nailpolish, bracelets or whatever.
I tell them what it must look like. Something like this:
“Big earrings. But not too big; they must fit my ears.
I don’t mean the hanging type, but buttons.
You know the old-fashioned earrings would be even better.
Just round ones, no crazy figures.
However, the more prominent, the better!
I’d love it in gold, but bronze would be ok too. NO SILVER!
Neither bright colours. Pastels, beige etc would be lovely.
O, and please don’t go to standard jewelry stores.
Already seen those, not my type!”
Ofcourse I end this whole tirade wishing them good luck.
I’m so proud Amy found these earrings.
Exactly what I was hoping for. Love it!

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