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In these photos: Vintage Fur Coat, Deezee Ankle boots and pumps

I’m aware that I might loose some followers here, but
I just have to admit that I am wearing real fur in this post.
I’ve never really watched the slaughtering of foxes on youtube, but
I know it must be horrible.
However, I won’t let anything keep me away from wearing what I love.
Like a friend of mine said. “To be beautiful, we have to suffer
from pain and cold.” And unfortunately I guess others have to suffer too.
Ok. Enough on the foxy fur thing.
These shoes! Aren’t they amazing???
Believe it or not, but I had to go through something to get these.
Somehow I found this Polish website Deezee Shoes, and
they happend to have the exact shoes I have been looking for for a long time.
The big problem was that the whole website was Polish and I had
no idea whether the webshop was really existing or that I was being scammed.
That’s why I hooked up with google translator and worked
myself through the “zamowienie” (Polish word for order).
So not only do we have to suffer to be beautiful, we also have to work to get there.
And now…
I’m a happy girl!

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