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My shoes are dead, and I am sad.

Wearing: Jeans River Island, Top H&M, Blazer H&M, Shoes Shick

I think we all have them: shoes that seem to serve as extra feet.
Wearing them day in day out.
Well these shoes (see pictures above) were my everyday-shoes.
They were so comfy, yet had a little heel so I would not miss out
on that lifting effect that heels seem to have to my posture.
However my love for these shoes came to an end.
I’ll tell you why…
A few weeks ago my sister said, surprised as she was: “Are you still wearing those?”
However, she’s my sister. She can critize whenever she wants; I love her honesty.
But then at my work one of my clients said: “Are you attached to these shoes?
I’ve seen you wearing them so many times. Don’t you have any other shoes?”
Especially that last question rang a bell.
I was shocked at first, and then… I could only laugh.
I had two reasons to be shocked: 1) I was busted! 2) No other shoes? KIDDING ME?!
And I had two reasons to laugh: 1) No other shoes? KIDDING ME?!
2) Appearantly I need me a new everyday-shoe… An excuse to go shopping!

Now this seems to be a happy post. But it’s not!
Don’t forget that I was actually attached to those shoes.
I saw them every day, they took me everywhere!
I will somehow have to accept that after I wore them to a party on the beach they were officially off-limit.
Sand and dirt have turned my precious shoes into a disaster.
It’s like I lost a dear friend…

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