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My little fashion palace

Just a little update on some of the life changing happenings so far:
I am now attending a new study. Allround styling it is.
This year I will have classes in fashion styling, interior styling and drawing.
Another major change is that I’m living on my own since a few months.
I now live together with two beautiful roommates,
I only have little room but… Where would I be without all my clothes and stuff?
Well, that’s why me and my dad made the most precious walk in closet/bedroom e-v-e-r.
(Ok. Mariah Carey and Paris Hilton do it better, but whatever!)
These pictures thus might actually give you
an impression of my sense of interior styling… although you could argue
that there’s a lot of fashion concerned in my interior!
Over 80 nailpolishes and dozens of heels…
It’s breathing fashion and screaming MINE MINE MINE.

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