La la leopard

Wearing: Mostwanted leopard top (find here), Estradeur skirt, Primark heels & sunnies

Uhm, yeah, you must be thinking that I am welcoming you back to
the 90’s with this outfit right here, because of
the leopard print, socks in heels, sunnies and my hair.
But really, it’s just the way I matched everything together
that makes it look so retro. I must say that I love
a little vintage every now and then, but normally, looks like this
would not be my favorite. The reason why I did however
go outside like this, is because it is still on point.
You could say that it is matchy-matchy the way that I only used black
and white. But I’d rather say that I composed it with care.
Overall, I think that it is a great ensemble, worth a second look.
Let me know what you think!

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