In their closet

Like every month, we are taking a peek in one of my friend’s closet. This month it’s double trouble, cause
we are checking out the wardrobe of my very best friend and his lover.

About them
Leroy, 29, Social worker
Robin, 22, Student
What does fashion mean to you?
Leroy: Fashion is like an extension piece of myself. What I wear is an expression of what I feel.
When I’m secure of myself I tend to wear “hipper” clothes, than at moments when I don’t feel well.
I always try my best to NOT be the first to show something. Instead, I start wearing
trends when they have already reached their top.
Robin: Fashion doesn’t really appeal to me that much. I don’t pay attention to trends. I just
wear what I like and what’s affordable.
How would you describe your own style?
Leroy: My style is casual, yet stylish. At some nights it’s more street and sexy. But I
always assure myself that my ass is showcased at its best haha and I love matchy matchy outfits.
Colours should always be in harmony.
Robin: My style is affordable and may seem a little strange at times; I love to stand out by
wearing things that others wouldn’t normally pick.
What’s your favourite item of your closet?
Leroy: All of my brown shoes are favourites. My boots, my decent brogues (photo), my trainers.
I also love wearing brown accessories; belts, watches & bags.
Robin: My favourite item is my dark grey cardigan, for it is unique with its diagonal zipper
and prominent collar. Furthermore it’s comfortable and easy to combine.


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