Paris, one of my favorite cities in Europe. Every street corner is perfect for shooting fashion looks and besides that, the city is just full of romantic spots that make you feel all loved up. Ever since I first visited Paris Fashion week, I have been returning to the city every year. And all this time, I have been looking for the perfect hotel, in the city center. Well, guess what, I think I found it!

One of the first things I learned about Paris, is that it is divided in district from 1 to 20. For the most part, the arrondissements count up from city center and best neighborhood to farther from the city. Hence, you may understand that the 1st arrondisement is always a must visit. So to now have found a hotel in the première arrondisement, that is both lovely with good service ánd is inexpensive; that’s a big OUI OUI. So let’s get into the details.


Location: 9
Did I ever give a 10? You know what, I don’t dare giving it a 10. Otherwise I would have! This is by far the best location in Paris that I have ever stayed at. Located in the Asian quarter, the hotel is surrounded by lovely restaurants (bubble tea, yea!). Besides the bubbly neighborhood, it is also close to a few of my favorite spots such as the Louvre, Palais Royal, Jardin des Tuileres. The big shopping street is only an 8 minute walk too. So hey, anything you need is close.

Room: 7
The room we slept in had a good ambiance, was well decorated and had that chique Paris touch that cannot be found elsewhere. Although the room wasn’t too spacious, we had everything we need. The bed was comfortable, the shower was very good and I loved the macaroons with which we were welcomed.

Ambiance: 8
When it comes to the hotel in general, I will rate even better as I think that there was a beautiful balance between high-end class on one side and a sweet personal touch on the other side. The hotel lobby reminds me of a chique concept store and I felt really at home in the little living room that was behind the counter. Definitely a place to cosy up if you’re staying here during the winter days!

Food & drinks: 7
The breakfast was served downstairs in a little restaurant kinda area. There was enough choice, and I loved how the timing of the breakfast wasn’t too early.

Service: 8,5
I think that the service of the hotel was extremely good. For me, this is one of the most important things when I book a hotel. To always have been greeted nicely, been treated personally and neatly. That’s definitely a big plus. I felt very safe in the hotel and it was so cute that when we came back late at night, the door was personally opened to us by the 24hr reception. Anything we needed was at hand and when we had questions about where to go, we were also being helped very kindly. Love it!

Facillities: 7
Let me start off by saying that in a hotel in Paris you don’t need things such as a rooftop or a swimming pool. So since that’s the only reason why it doesn’t score higher, I would say that the facilities are great.

Recommendation rate: 9
I would definitely turn back to the hotel when in Paris again. In fact, I think I might make this into a yearly thing now. I loved the hotel for the sweet employees and the coziness that it has. If any of you are visiting Paris for the first time, this is even more of a recommendation because it will automatically place you in the center of the city, surrounded by the best of Paris.



Louvre Piemont
22 Rue de Richelieu
75001 Paris



More information about the hotel can be found here

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