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Goosecraft photoshoot party

Yesterday I was invited to a party at Goosecraft.
I took two friends (and future bloggers) with me; we had a lot of fun.
Reason for the party was the photoshoot of their latest collection.
The concept of the party was to have DJ and model “Miss Nine” being photographed,
while DJ-ing in front of a fashionable crowd.
That fashionable crowd was me, my friends and other connections of Goosecraft.
So while we were having a drink, and chit chatted about styling and stuff,
the photoshoot took place with us in the background.
The vibe was supposed to be rock-ish and so we were all offered
to wear Goosecraft leather jackets.
I will post more info about my outfit and me fitting
their jackets in my next post.

Make sure you check out Goosecraft’s latest collection here.

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