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Fromhatstoheels on instagram

Homework for fashionschool // An all River Island OOTD // Friends and me, lost

My new Nelly necklace // Yin yang nails // I love starbucks

Me and a friend in Ibiza // Wearing my OMG dress at Pacha // Mini me and my Nikes

H&M Trend OOTD in Ibiza // Lovely hot choco milk // OOTD

Me and Vogue magazine on the beach // Mini me and grandma // VJ-style leather & studs bag

Find Fromhatstoheels on Instagram!
I loooooove pictures, so ofcourse I had to have
this app as soon as it was available for Android.
I post about all things in my life; fashion, holidays,
life, food, friends, family, parties and so on.
Follow me and stay in touch.
You can find me under the name fromhatstoheels
or larissabruin. See you there!

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