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Fluffy the moon boot

Wearing: Lookbookstore coat, Just female jeans, Sorel boots, Forever21 ring

A few month’s ago, when I attended Vogue’s Fashion night out, a
girl offered me the boots that she had won in Vogue Fashion Night’s lottery.
She showed me a huge dog-like something in a box.
But I mean, come on. I was kind of shocked. Who offers new boots to a stranger
nowadays? And… What kind of ungrateful fashion lover would I have to be to reject that?!
Uhuh… So, I took it to heart and carried them all the way home, meanwhile
explaining away that I could use them for photoshoots and styling projects.
Finally home I felt like a sucker for fashion. And I knew that I would
n-e-v-e-r really wear them. However, I thought it would be fun
to dedicate a blogpost to this greedy needy side of mine.
And now, I am curious whether or not you guys
will leave comments saying “how beautiful” these boots are.
Come on. Make me laugh with you.

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