Fashion Week Amsterdam Outfit 1 – Bring out your pom poms


Is Fashion Week a reason to exaggerate and bring out the best of your wardrobe: striking pieces, statement sunnies and eye-catching bags? Guess what my answer would be…







Although I totally agree with the idea of the Fashion Week attenders sometimes being a little hoity-toity and fake, wearing outfits that they would normally not go to the supermarket in, I think that it is no problem to exaggerate on your personal style just a little when you are going to Fashion Week, cause after all… you’re not going to the supermarket.

Ofcourse you always gotta stay true to yourself and your style, but hello, it’s fashion week and there is no better reason to celebrate style! So go ahead, enhance that style… Bring out your glitters and furs! Right? And I am happy to see that most people at Fashion Week Amsterdam do this, although there are still a lot of people who wear there basic jeans and blouses. No offense, but I think you can do better than that.

So, me, being a huge maxi lover, I felt very lucky when I scored this maxi blouse at Missguided.co.uk. It’s kind of outstanding, cause who wears a blouse that reaches her ankles? But it is exactly what I look for in an outfit when I attend fashion week. And the best part about it, is that I was pretty sure that no one else would be wearing the same ensemble – nothing worse than a look-a-like/”who-wore-it-better” scandal at Fashion Week.

This blouse doesn’t need a lot of extra’s. I just added black skinny jeans and a crop top and chose to close only the upper button (so on trend right?). Then, I borrowed this bag from my dear friend and photographer, cause – shame on me – I don’t own a backpack and I thought this look wouldn’t be complete without one. The sunnies are a finishing touch, giving me that 80’s cool girl vibe. Don’t you think?


Wearing: Missguided maxi blouse* / Missguided jeans / Missguided top / Missguided heels* / H&M bag / Vintage sunnies
All items with * were gifted to me

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