Exploring the city of Alkmaar


Many of you may know that I live in Amsterdam. Not many of you know that I was born in Alkmaar, and that my parents still live nearby Alkmaar in a small town called Noord-Scharwoude. So today I am taking you for a stroll through Alkmaar, and what better shoes to wear while doing this than palladium boots?!









Whenever I am in or around Alkmaar, I love to go to the two shopping streets “De Laat” and “De Langestraat” and I must admit that Alkmaar is almost as good as Amsterdam when it comes to places to shop. Another thing that makes Alkmaar kinda interesting is the “Waagplein”, a square where all sorts of bars and restaurants come together. Friends told me that especially Mojo’s is a good place to go out. And I know for a fact that there’s great ice creams at Icesaloon Laan. My father and I had a little stop overthere when we were shooting this look.

Alkmaar is not only fun for it’s bars and shopping streets. You will also find hidden cool spots, like graffiti walls and hip hang outs if you look around. And then of course Alkmaar has a cultural background as well. Whenever I tell people that I was born in Alkmaar, they would call me cheese, cause the city is known for it and has a yearly cheese market with all farmer activities that come with it (including “the making of” practices). There’s also a windmill, “Molen van Piet”, which is said to be a famous one, but until a few weeks ago I didn’t know which of the windmills was the “Molen van Piet”. Shame on me!

When I’m at my parents’ I always wear comfortable outfits, since I mostly go there to just relax and be around my family. In this look I am wearing a somewhat more fun look, which would be great for (of course) exploring the city or say, a festival or a day at the pard…

Ohh and about my shoes… Do you remember them? Palladium boots! I used to have them back when I was six or so. But if they were hot in ’97, they are now smoking. Guess I will not be climbing trees with it anymore, but instead these shoes are great for festivals and any other fun activities during which I will be walking a lot or simply wanna look cool and laid back.

I found mine at Mulder Schoenen (Mulder Shoes) in Alkmaar, a family company that has been expanding for over three generations. Mulder recently won the price for Best Retailer of 2015 and is especially know for selling shoes that are both fashionable and comfortable. Besides Palladium, they also sell brands like Clarks and Tamaris. Find their webshop here.



(Photos show me at Mulder Schoenen, selecting my favorite pair of Palladium boots)


Wearing: Palladium boots via Mulder / H&M maxi coat / Znu top & shorts set / Loavies hat
Photos by Piet Bruin (my father)

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