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Exception to the rule

Wearing: Vintage blouse as dress, Hema tights, Asos shoes (borrowed from my sister), Topshop ring

You might have read a previous post of mine in which I pointed out
my disgust of tights, a few weeks ago.
And it’s true, I’m not a fan.
However, I would like to relativize this…
Because there are in fact some exceptions to my dislike of tights. Here’s
a (rather short!)list of some of these exceptions:
1) The dress (usually one with a loose fit) is very short
2) The tights are ripped (and thus edgy)
3) In case of any crazy party in which some funky tights would
add extra value to the whole outfit.
Furthermore I mostly like my tights to be black and see-through.
Both exception 1 and 2 apply to my outfit in these photos.
What do you think of it?

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